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Add Some Extra Sparkle at Your Next Party

If you are trying to find new ways to make an entrance at an upcoming party, nothing else can do just that like the perfect jewelry. At MJ Christensen Diamonds, we love helping you find new ways to make your outfit pop so you make a lasting impression. We offer custom jewelry Las Vegas residents love and rave over, so we look forward to inspiring you to do the same once you visit our store, whether online or in person. We know we can help you find or design the perfect necklace, earrings or bracelet that leaves in indelible impression on anyone who catches sight of your dazzling ensemble.

Keep in mind that you don't necessarily need to choose a necklace, bracelet or earrings; you can also choose a diamond handbag or anything else you would like to customize for your event. Anything that helps you make the splash you want, we can help you make it happen with style, grace and integrity.

The right jewelry for you can spruce up a somewhat bland dress, so if your dress is spectacular and you add one of our pieces to the ensemble, you will hit all the right notes. Follow the steps we provide to custom design your jewelry that will help you shine on the big night at the big event. Below is a preview of the characteristics from which you will use to create your perfect piece of jewelry.

  1. Diamond Shape. We offer you the chance to choose your diamond's shape from among a large pool of choices. Select from some of the following shapes available from our store: pear, princess, marquise, oval, radiant, emerald, heart, cushion and ascher.
  2. Diamond Color. With the highest grade color, which is colorless, is noted as D while the K-M diamonds appear as a light yellow color. Choose from these colors or from the huge range in between.
  3. Diamond Clarity. Choose anything from a flawless piece to something that features minute inclusions that you can see under 10-times magnification.
  4. Diamond Cut. Excellent quality diamonds reflect the most of the light. Other than that, you can choose from very good, good and fair cuts, with each losing some degree of quality from the next.
  5. Diamond Size. Choose from 1 to 100 carats for your new diamond.
  6. Diamond Price Range. We help you create a ring that you want and that you can afford, so we provide a price range.

Do Diamond Deals Exist?

As you prepare to create a life with your future partner and you want to buy the perfect engagement ring, you want to keep your budget firmly in mind so the two of you start out on the right foot together, financially speaking. One of the best things you can do, even if it seems like a downer when you wan to surprise your life partner with a romantic engagement, is to talk to them about your financial situation and how it aligns with your hopes for your future together.

The chances are good that, if you are truly right for each other, that she will urge you to work with your budget so you can start your lives together the right way, with a clean financial slate. With the financial world more complex than ever, it is important to commit to a certain amount of frugality together, especially when you consider planning a budget for your wedding and, farther into the future, buying a home together. While a ring is an essential part of the process, you want to keep things in perspective.

Once the two of you discuss a budget, you can take things from there, finding the right ring for your love within your comfortable budget. At MJ Christensen Diamonds, we believe that you will find more joy in a ring you can afford together and not something that financially paralyzes you both, so we have some tips for finding wholesale diamonds in Las Vegas that you might want to consider.

  • The Only Letter You Need is C. Standing for color, cut, clarity and carat, the Famous Four Cs of Diamonds can help you understand the language each jeweler is speaking and might help you save money. You can become an amateur expert during your search, deciphering arcane code and finding the best deal when you know these essential characteristics.
  • Learn the Right Shops for Your Budget. Shop at well-known and highly reputable jewelry shops, whether you shop online or in person. Also, just because you are shopping at a large store or a chain, it doesn't mean you can't try to negotiate or haggle for the perfect deal. If you have done your homework and understand the specifics about diamond quality versus price, you can probably work something out. Even if it isn't a huge deal, anything to defray the cost is a win for you and your future fiancée.

A Night on the Town as a Ringer in Las Vegas

Visiting Las Vegas often takes on new dimension for those who don't get to go out and have nearly enough fun in life. If you are heading to Sin City and want to live it up and have a blast, there are some prime recommendations that we have for you. Dressing to the nines is one way to strike out and do something different while on vacation; especially while in Las Vegas. At MJ Christensen Diamonds, we can help you find gold jewelry to go with all your flashiest new outfits for the trip.

We offer gold jewelry Las Vegas residents cherish, so you can visit our store where we can set you up in the type of jewelry you like best. If you need suggestions as to whether you might choose a ring, a bracelet, a necklace or some earrings, we are happy to help you choose the right piece, or pieces, for you to help you shine during your big trip to the city. You will love it for years after, but you definitely want to find the right jewelry for your trip.

Our love of jewelry will shine through, and we hope you will feel our passion as we take you through fittings and show you our vast selection of fine pieces, whether gold pieces, diamonds or other precious gemstones.

Are You Ready for Some Flash and Flair?

If you are in town for a party, whether a bachelor party or a corporate celebration, you might want to flash some special jewelry. Choosing gold is a great way to get the room's attention once you walk in, so we are happy to show you our vast collection of gold pieces.

Become a Ringer

Gold rings are classic pieces that are perfect ways to make an impact since your hands are easily visible, especially if you plan to shake hands often or make a presentation. Check out our Roselle, Tutti Frutti, Love, Selina, Celia and Tycoon collections to get things started in your ring shopping project. We can show you the top of the crop from each collection so you can try them on to see which ones look right and fit best, in terms of your finger as well as your budget, so you find something perfect for the occasion and still versatile enough to wear once you return home, even if only for special occasions.

The Charming History of Charms

Maybe you have a favorite niece whose birthday is on the horizon, but you aren't quite sure what to buy for her. Even if you aren't sure if she is a fan of jewelry, you might consider giving her a charm bracelet that includes a charm or two that fits her other interests. At MJ Christensen, we want to help you find that perfect gift for the young lady in your life, whether she is your daughter, a niece or a family friend.

You can make your gift more meaningful by presenting the recipient with a history of the charm bracelet and charms so she will understand your gift choice.

A Charmed History

The charm and charm bracelet have been around since prehistoric times, so right away, you know your gift carries the weight of time. Even ages. However, the charm has often had different names such as a talisman or an amulet where they were thought to have more mystical powers. Actually, the early incarnation of the charm took on supernatural, protective, magic, mystique and spiritual properties for those who created and wore them.

Early charms were made from bones, clay, shells and etched stone, reflecting the times, the people's beliefs and the natural environment. Sometimes used as protection or as a good luck charm, these creations were just as frequently worn as adornments and standard jewelry.

Shells come up frequently in the charm discussion. Evidence shows that about 75,000 Africans fashioned many charm pieces out of shells while, in Germany about 30,000 years ago, the people carved tiny ivory figurines out of elephant tusks.

The bronze age is the point at which charm-making and charm-wearing begins to resemble the modern image of the charm. The people took a more sophisticated approach to jewelry, in general, using precious and semi-precious stones as integral parts of each jewelry piece. Some of the gem stones that people used during this period included lapis lazuli and rock crystals, which the people believed were imbued with special healing or protective powers. The Babylonians were the first civilization who actually wore charm bracelets.

Over time, the charm bracelet gradually began to look the way it does today. The Industrial Revolution and the Victorian era both helped bring the charm bracelet into the modern form through lockets and other highly personalized items included with the bracelet.

How You Can Create a Charmed History for Your Loved One

Choose charms that have special meaning to the recipient so they will easily recognize how thoughtful a gift it is. We can help you find the perfect amulets to add to a new or existing bracelet.

When Do You Need to Have Your Jewelry Appraised?

Not everyone has their jewelry appraised. However, those who are passionate about their jewelry do often seek periodic appraisals for their jewelry. At MJ Christensen, we feel that, even if you aren't a heavy jewelry collector, it is important to know the value of your most significant pieces of jewelry.

As you consider jewelry appraisal in Las Vegas, we can offer you some basic reasons why you might choose to seek appraisals for your jewelry and how to find the right appraiser.

When Do You Need to Have Your Jewelry Appraised?

You might feel bewildered at the suggestion of having your modest collection of jewelry appraised, but it is not uncommon at all, so embrace the process to protect your investments. Consider some of the following reasons you need to periodically have your jewelry appraised.

  • Insurance Purposes. Of course, this reason assumes you have insurance for your most valuable jewelry items. Hopefully you do. Maybe you will consider insuring your jewelry after reading this post if you haven't already. Over the years, the value of your jewelry is likely to fluctuate from time to time. Sometimes more significantly than others, so it is important to always stay aware of the value of your jewelry to keep your insurance carrier apprised of its value in case you lose your jewelry or it is stolen from you. Consider it one more way to take care of your jewelry for the long-term. You should schedule an appraise every two years, as long as they market stays stable. If you note a teetering market, schedule an appointment sooner.
  • Donation Purposes. If you plan to donate your jewelry for a charitable cause, you want to make sure you know the value for tax purposes. You also want to give the charity a good idea of its current value, depending on what they plan to do with the piece.
  • Resale Purposes. You might need the cash more than you need your diamonds at certain points in life. It happens to everyone, and those are the times you can feel good about your jewelry investment and your continued upkeep with regular appraisals. You can talk to your appraisal specialist about trends and how much loss or gain you have if you choose to sell your jewelry at the time of appraisal. You probably still plan to sell the piece, regardless, if you need the cash, but it is good to know all the facts so you can let your insurance carrier know when you cancel your policy on that item.

Tips for Traveling With Your Favorite Jewelry

The idea of traveling to Las Vegas without your favorite jewelry probably seems absurd. At MJ Christensen Diamonds, we agree. There is no reason for you to leave home without your favorite jewelry pieces. You want to dress up for dinner once, twice or several times while you visit, so it just makes sense to bring all your favorite accessories, especially your jewelry, to make each outfit complete.

Even more importantly, though, is taking good care of your jewelry while on the road, on the train or on the plane and all throughout your trip while at your destination. We are passionate about jewelry, and we know you are too, so we have some tips and tricks up our sleeve that we want to share with you to keep your jewelry safe while you are far from home.

  1. Choose Your Pieces Carefully and Keep Track of Your Choices. You don't want to find yourself in your hotel room wondering which jewelry you brought and what pieces you left at home. Carefully choice three or four of your most versatile favorites, and log them in a handy and easily accessible location. Whether you track your jewelry in your favorite Day Planner or your smartphone, consult your list if you find yourself wondering if you lost something. If you use your smartphone, you can even take a photo of every piece laid out, so you don't have to wonder if you wrote something incorrectly.
  2. Pack It In. Correctly. If you don't own a jewelry organizer, you might consider investing in one so you can keep your jewelry safely stowed in one place. An organizer also helps keep chains from tangling.
  3. Buy Insurance for Your Jewelry. In the rush and heat of travel, it is easy to misplace a piece of jewelry or lose it while out on an excursion. Consult a jewelry insurance company that has a long history of serving passionate jewelry customers.
  4. Place Your Jewelry in the Hotel Safe. Most high-end hotels have safes for guests' jewelry, so take advantage of this amenity to keep your jewelry safe while you are at an amusement park or a day of walking.
  5. Find a Jewelry Repair Shop. Accidents happen, especially when you're on the dance floor and your partner gives you a heady twirl. You might find your favorite necklace flinging away from your neck. Find jewelry repair in Las Vegas to get your necklace ready for the next night's dance moves.

Show Her You've Been Listening and Learning

When you are ready to propose marriage to the love of your life, you want to make sure you get it all just right. From the venue where you choose to pop the question to the engagement ring that you give her, it all has to hit the right notes since this is the story you can't wait to tell your grandchildren. Finishing each other's sentences--or better yet, finishing sentences in perfect unison--will prove, decades later, that you got it just right.

How Do You Let Her Know How Well You Know Her?

No matter how much you love your girlfriend and no matter how much you think you know her and her tastes, wedding rings and proposal details are completely different animals. You might feel utterly out of your depth when you start looking at an engagement ring and a wedding ring. Keeping the official ring for the wedding in mind is important since you ultimately want the two rings to go together as a set.

Since this mission might serve as your first foray into the world of fine jewelry--or any jewelry, for that matter--so we at MJ Christensen Diamonds realize you might need some help. Romantics at heart that we are, we are happy to give you some ideas about finding the right ring for the love of your life. There are plenty of things you can do to make sure you get the right ring and plan the event to perfection. Consider some of the following ideas to let her know there is no one else who compares to her in your eyes.

  • Wrangle Your Budget. Once you set your budget for this purchase, you can go forward from there, realistically. You don't want to break the bank before you start your lives together, so take this step seriously and carefully. You might have to wait a little longer if you don't feel you can find something that meshes with your feelings for your girlfriend on your current budget.
  • Visit a Few Different Jewelers With a Description of Your Girlfriend and Her Tastes. Make sure you work with a jeweler who cares about your exciting situation and wants to know about your girlfriend, as far as her fashion sense and the type of jewelery she normally wears. The right jeweler will encourage you to take your time and maybe even return with one of your girlfriend's best friends who knows her tastes from the female perspective.

With these few tips and some patience, you are off to a great start in finding the perfect ring for your future fiancée.

Creating a Bond of Trust With Our Clients

Buying luxury jewelry and watches can be an unnerving experience. After all, you, as the customer, are putting your trust into the idea that you are getting what you pay for. No one wants to buy a high-end watch only to find it is a fake. Nor would you want to spend a lot of money on a beautiful diamond ring only to find that it's glass. We understand this, and work to gain your trust by selling you items that are certified as genuine.

We are long-time members of the American Gem Society, and uphold the society's standard of providing the highest possible business ethics in the jewelry industry. We offer nothing but the best in service to our clients by ensuring that our staff is fully educated, sourcing diamonds from ethical sources, and diligently work to protect our customers from fraud. This goes for custom jewelry as well as pieces from well-known jewelry designers.

If you are seeking something unique for a specific occasion, we have luxury and corporate gifts that include major brands and items. Want to give a gift that won't be forgotten anytime soon? We carry the Shinola bicycle, watches and leather goods, a brand that celebrates the rebirth of manufacturing in Detroit. If you need something a little more feminine, we carry items from Debbie Brooks, an accessories designer who manufactures in New York.

Looking for custom jewelry in Las Vegas? Bring your design idea to us and we can make it a reality. We have a design team that is ready to turn your dream into reality. Come to us with your concept, regardless if it is in your head or on paper. Our design team sits down with you to figure out all of the details you want, the metal you desire and the stones you want to set. We then put the design into our 3D printer with the materials of your choice, then have our skilled craftsmen put on the finishing touches. Your dream piece is done in almost no time at all!

We make it a point to have a full line of designer jewelry on hand at all times in order to help you satisfy what it is you are looking for. If we don't have something, we can make it for you, and to your exact specifications. It is our pleasure to provide you with honest service so you can feel confident about buying from us again and again.

7 Razzle-Dazzle Gifts for a Sweet 16 Party

Not every one gets blessed with a Sweet 16 party. But if you happen to know a special someone who's having a Sweet 16 bash, then you'll want to gift the special girl with a present that she'll truly love. Here at MJ Christensen, we have seven excellent gift ideas that we want to share with you.

iPad - What teenage girl doesn't love electronics, especially an iPad. From texting her friends to doing her homework, an iPad is sure to be one of her favorite gifts.

A Pony -Sure, this might seem a bit cliché, but any girl who really likes horses would love to get a pony at her Sweet 16. And if she wants a pony that stays little forever, consider getting her a miniature horse. They are so cute.

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend - From earrings to necklaces, bracelets, and more, diamonds in Las Vegas are loved by all girls. Do keep in mind that if you give the birthday girl a diamond ring to not let her wear it until after the party when she can get it sized to fit her finger.

Ice Cream Machine - Teenage girls love having sleepovers, and there's no better way to have fun at a sleepover than by making homemade ice cream. With her very own ice cream machine, her and her friends can whip together tasty delights that are sure to have their taste buds dancing from dusk till dawn.

Makeup Kit - There's a good chance that once she hits 16 years of age she'll be wearing makeup, so why not relish her with some of today's best makeup products. From foundation to eye shadow to lip color, there are lots of makeup accessories that she'll love to have.

Clothes - No girl can ever have too many clothes. If you know the birthday girl very well at all, then you probably know what are favorite pieces of apparel are. Take for instance that she loves hoodies. Even if her closet is overflowing with hoodies, it's her birthday so go ahead and lavish her in five different hoodies that you know she'll want to wear all the time.

Car Accessories - She's turning 16, which means she'll likely be getting her drivers license in the next six months to a year. Keeping this in mind, she could likely want several car accessories, including a cell phone holder, car seat covers and even air fresheners.

What You Buy in Vegas Doesn't Stay in Vegas

Many people come to Las Vegas seeking their fortune. While not everyone hits a jackpot, many visitors find real treasure to take home. If you come to visit us at MJ Christensen for your gold jewelry, you’ll find we have a fabulous selection at amazing prices. With two convenient locations, we’re known by locals and visitors alike as a premier location for quality jewelry, diamonds, and luxury gifts.

Value, Beauty and Selection

Our buyers spend a great deal of time finding the finest offerings to bring to our customers. We pride ourselves on providing a broad selection of items that fit the most discriminating tastes. If you are looking for gold jewelry in Las Vegas for personal use or for gifts, we offer you the most recognized brands and designers. Our knowledgeable staff will also take pleasure in showing you our fine leather items and stunning selection of diamonds.

We Make it Easy

At MJ Christensen, we’ve invested a great deal in both our inventory and the tools we provide to search for the perfect diamond. Once you have discussed your desires with a member of our staff, you can select from the categories of:

  • Shape
  • Cut
  • Size
  • Clarity
  • Color
  • Price Range

This simple process produces a personalized set of enlarged photos of diamonds. You can start this process in our store or on our website. Once you have your list of preferred diamonds, we can show you the actual stones and a range of settings. Together, we will work to find just the right custom look you prefer.

We provide the same diligence and personal service for all the items in our stores, from luxury watches to exquisitely designed gold jewelry to unique corporate gifts. Whether you live in Vegas or are visiting for a weekend of fun, we invite you to stop in and be amazed by our extensive selection of fine jewelry. You'll be proud to show off any of the quallity items you purchase from MJ Christensen.

Charming Bracelet Ideas

We think that charm bracelets are a wonderful way for women and girls to show off their unique personalities through jewelry. After all, no two charm bracelets are alike, and because of their nature, they change and evolve throughout the years. Some women receive charm bracelets as birthday or holiday gifts as children and keep them throughout their lives, adding different charms as life progresses.The best charm bracelets are the ones that tell the life stories of the women who wear them.

We think that one of the key components to creating a fabulous charm bracelet is to select and add charms that have deep personal meaning. For instance, a woman might choose to add a charm for every milestone in her life -- graduation, marriage, children, important career achievements, and anything else that has personal significance for her. Others might decide to cultivate a charm bracelet that carries a specific theme. Dog or horse lovers, for instance, may decide to dedicate their bracelet to their furry friend of choice, and avid gardeners often collect charms that depict tiny gardening accessories and plants.

It's our opinion that a charm bracelet is quite possibly the one thing in a woman's life that is exactly what she wants it to be. She can add and remove items, dress the bracelet up or down, and choose any theme that she likes. Some women even have several charm bracelets for different reasons. For instance, a woman who travels often might have a bracelet dedicated to her travels that features items from every place that she has visited. She might also have a bracelet devoted exclusively to her children, and another one with a favorite pastime or hobby as its theme.

We also think that generational charm bracelets are a fabulous trend that we'd love to see more of. Mothers passing on their bracelets to daughters, for instance, creates rich traditions that serve to create and strengthen bonds by keeping family stories alive.

Our advice to anyone wishing to begin a charm bracelet tradition in her own family is to give the bracelets as gifts to herself and other female family members. This can start a lovely chain of events that will cause the meaning of the initial gifts to grow substantially throughout the coming years.

Diamond and Jewelry Appraisals

Come to MJ Christensen and we’ll perform your jewelry appraisal in Las Vegas. Whether you’re down on your luck at the casinos, received a piece of antique jewelry from your long lost relative, or just need to know for insurance purposes, our professional, AGS certified graduate gemologists will provide you with a jewelry appraisal while you wait.

Our appraiser will work with you to understand your needs and provide a fair and accurate jewelry appraisal appropriate for those needs. Someone concerned about estate taxes has different needs than someone whose marriage deteriorated and looking to value for divorce proceedings. Need to pawn? We’ll make sure you understand collateral value from an unvested third party. We won’t undervalue anything, but insurance value is different than sellable value.

The American Gem Society (or AGS) makes sure our appraisers are fully educated in diamonds, gems, and jewelry. With diamonds, we’ll educate you on the 4Cs of your stone, cut, color, clarity, and carat, and how each affects the underlying value of a piece of jewelry. With gemstones, our gemologists will accurately identify the stone and value it to provide an appraisal with confidence. Then, if an item becomes lost or stolen, you can reliably use our jewelry appraisal with your insurance company to work on getting a comparable replacement.

How much do we charge for appraisals? While we occasionally might special events, the cost of the appraisal is based on the time involved for our appraiser to accurately value the item. If multiple pieces are involved, the cost will go up accordingly. We’ll provide an initial estimate of the cost when you bring in the item and will not base the appraisal cost on the value of the items involved.

How long do our appraisals take? For our special events, we do our best to provide appraisals while our customers wait. They just need to schedule an appointment that fits their schedule to make sure our appraisers our available when they come in. An engagement ring might take about an hour to analyze while multiple pieces could take days or even weeks.

How long are our appraisals good for? It is best to update jewelry appraisals every four to seven years. This makes sure any market conditions don’t adversely affect values. Reappraisals are always easier and we can update values after ensuring jewelry conditions haven’t changed.

Let us schedule your appointment today at MJ Christensen and we’ll perform your jewelry appraisal in Las Vegas. We’ll provide the insurance documentation needed or the liquidity value to turn the property into cash, or one of the many other reasons to get an independent jewelry appraisal.

MJ Christensen Diamonds: Sales and Service Committed

At MJ Christensen Diamonds, we understand how customers feel about their jewelry. We share in their passion for beautiful diamonds and custom jewelry designs. We not only sell incredible diamonds and custom made jewelry; we also have GIA certified jewelers on our staff, all highly trained and experienced in appraisals as well as expert repairs. We have been in the diamond jewelry business in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1939.

Our Customers

Our customers range from first time diamond buyers picking out an engagement ring, to seasoned diamond buying veterans, celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary and everything in between. The excitement of assisting a first time buyer as he chooses a diamond for his lovely bride-to-be never gets old. We take the time to get to know our customers, because we know if we treat them right, they will come back to us for years to come. It is a tried and true formula of diamond knowledge and a sincere passion for jewelry coupled with stellar customer service, a formula that has worked for us and our jewelry repair Las Vegas customers for seventy-five years.

Our Commitment

At MJ Christensen, we are committed to the integrity of diamond sales and the customer service that our customers have grown to expect. As well they should; jewelry sales deal with the head and the heart, and should never be taken lightly. We are wholly committed to delivering nothing but the very best.

Our Qualifications

MJ Christensen employs more Graduate Gemologists than any other jeweler in the State of Nevada. What this means is that our gemologists are graduates of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and are Certified Gemologist Appraisers (CGA), trained and certified by the American Gem Society. This is how we can stand so firmly behind the jewelry we sell. Our staff of experts can sell, appraise and repair diamond jewelry, watches, rings, settings and more. We take pride in our qualified and experienced jewelers on staff at MJ Christensen Diamonds.

Custom Designs

MJ Christensen jewelers use Computer Aided Design (CAD) jewelry design tools with a 3D printer that combines art with technology, producing one of a kind jewelry pieces quickly and accurately. The 3D printing technology is fascinating and we are excited and proud to offer this to our customers. No one else in the Las Vegas, Nevada area offers the same combination of old world experience with new world technology as MJ Christensen Diamonds.

Making Your Wedding Ring Last Forever

Engagement rings and wedding bands are jewelry items that are meant to last longer than a lifetime, but if they aren't properly cared for, they'll lose their luster, shine, and sparkle prematurely. Keeping them clean is essential to their longevity, but that can be difficult to do. Hands come into contact with many different substances and objects, including dirt, lotions, soaps, food, pets, children, equipment, and literally thousands of other things that can affect the appearance of jewelry. Here's what we think are the best ways to ensure that rings retain their beauty and shine:

The most important thing that anyone can do concerning caring for their wedding and engagement ring is to remove them when performing household chores. It's not advisable, however, to slip them off the finger and place them on a table or countertop -- this is one way that rings become lost or damaged. Having a safe place to put rings before tackling housework is the best way to keep them safe.

We also believe that proper ring care involves removing them before the application of perfume or lotion and replacing them after the substances have been completely absorbed into the skin. Never wear it to an appointment with a manicurist, to work out at the gym, or into a pool, lake, or ocean. Cool water can cause your finger to shrink enough so that the ring can slip off. If this occurs in the ocean or a large lake, your ring will probably be lost forever. The chemicals used in swimming pools may cause discoloration.

We also believe that it's best to remove rings before meal preparation in the home kitchen, especially if you're doing something that requires mixing with your fingers such as kneading cookies dough.

Most rings can be easily cleaned with a mild dishwashing liquid mixed with water and an old, soft toothbrush. Diamond rings can be given extra shine by soaking them in a bowl with one teaspoon of ammonia and three teaspoons of lukewarm water. Extra care needs to be taken with emerald rings, and it's our opinion that cleaning these is best left to an experienced jeweler.

It's also our opinion that having your rings insured is a wise move and an essential part of taking care of them. Losing a ring or having it damaged beyond repair is a sad situation, but not being able to replace them is even sadder.

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