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Back to Basics: Four Jewelry Essentials Every Woman Needs in Her Jewelry Box

What do women really need when it comes to their jewelry basics? Here we break down the essential jewelry pieces a fashionista would need to complete any outfit.

Back to Basics: Four Essentials Every Woman Needs in Her Jewelry Box

Think back to your formative years as a fashionista in training, slowly adding to your collection – now, looking back, I’m sure that when asked which pieces you simply could not do without, several will immediately come to mind. To many of us, the difference between those things bought on a whim and those purchased out of necessity is quite obvious, but what about those just beginning their journey?

What’s the best way to arm yourself for every occasion?

If you happen to be one of those girls who grew up with five older brothers, you don’t have to feel like you’re just guessing anymore. The following is a short list of essential jewelry pieces every woman should own.

An Opulent and Luxurious Set of Stacking Rings

Few things make a statement like a handful of fingers so weighed down with regalia you can barely grasp your flute of merlot. While many manufacturers will come out with pre-curated sets of rings meant to be stacked together, we are much bigger fans of mixing and matching for our own custom, one-of-a-kind look. Feel free to play with spacing and rings of different shapes and styles, like the ones available from Michael M.

A Dainty and Feminine Chain Bracelet

Sure, there is certainly something to be said for an audacious cuff or a luxe set of bangles on both wrists. To us, though, there’s just something so versatile about a delicate chain – soft-spoken and unassuming enough to wear for an evening outing in the city without turning too many heads, the right chain bracelet will also pull double-duty for you as a great addition to any on-the-go daytime ensemble as well. Replay value is key here; the more you wear it, the better your ROI. This stuff ain’t cheap – any overlap in terms of wearability is as good as gold, no pun intended.

Amen chain bracelet at MJ Christensen Diamonds

This little ditty by Amen has the potential to take you to the moon and back if you let it.

A Bold and Assertive Long Pendant Necklace

The right necklace will elevate any ordinary outfit into so much more; this is never more true than in the case of long, attention-grabbing pendants, universal in application and absolutely perfect for any season of the year. Whether paired with a comfy sweater, flowy sundress, or your most outrageous halter and leather miniskirt, you simply can’t go wrong. Plus, they’re perfect for layering in tandem with one another, amplifying each others’ power and impact with each chain added to the outfit.

A Timeless and Classic Pair of Pearl Stud Earrings

So, it’s come down to this. We all knew this item was coming; even the most pedestrian, casual jewelry aficionado has to know that a pair of pear earrings, specifically pearl studs, is a vital part of womanhood. Adaptable to a menagerie of outfits, outings, and varying levels of formality, the right pair of pearls will get you out of many a jam.
Mastaloni pearl earrings at MJ Christensen Diamonds

A pair from Mastoloni’s Basics collection couldn’t be more appropriate.

It’s Time to Complete Your Collection

If you’re reading this blog entry right now and feeling a few holes in your own stash of sparkly things, we at MJ Christensen are more than happy to help you find your next favorite piece. We back every purchase made with us with our money back guarantee, so when you do business with us, you do so risk- and worry-free.

Face it, we all could use a little bit of something new in our lives. Book an appointment with us today. It’s time to get glam.


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