Searching for a diamond can be quite a challenge in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A place of mystery and desire, a statue of glitz and glam, and an exploration of lights and bling, it’s clear that Las Vegas knows a thing or two about standing out from the crowd.

But how do you find a diamond that mirrors the same unique, exquisite taste that Las Vegas is infamous for?

Thankfully, MJ Christensen Diamonds has everything you need to make an impact this year!

If you are planning on getting engaged, or if you are just planning on treating yourself, MJ Christensen Diamonds is the place to go to find the best diamonds for any occasion.

There are many reasons why you should buy a diamond at our Las Vegas jewelry store. Our years of experience, our staff, and our commitment to excellence are just a few of the answers as to why our diamond buying process is second to none.

We invite you to read on about our history, our values, and why we are your number one choice for diamonds in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Our Expertise

In any jewelry purchase, you want to buy from someone you trust and someone who will give you an honest opinion.

When you purchase a diamond, it is not only the quality of the item that is important, but also the place where the diamond is purchased.

For over 80 years, MJ Christensen has been the jewelry store of choice for the Las Vegas community.

Our founder, Marcus Joy “MJ” Christensen’s love for the jewelry business extended well before the store opening on April 18, 1939. His family owned and operated with unquestioned ethics and integrity that has transpired the jewelry industry and continues to this day.

The extent of time that MJ Christensen has been selling magnificent diamonds and exceptional pieces adds true to our expertise and quality. When purchasing a diamond, our experience is unparalleled, and our product knowledge is unmatched.

Our Values

As an American Gem Society Jewelers, our mission is to service our customers in an ethical, honest manner.

Our core values are as follows:

  • Build authentic, lifelong relationships with those we serve
  • Give back to the local community
  • Create an engaging environment of mutual trust and appreciation for both staff and guests
  • Continue education in our industry and sharing it with you
  • Provide the finest selection of responsibly sourced diamonds
  • Provide generational jewelry from internationally renowned jewelry designers

When you buy a diamond from MJ Christensen, you can be rest assured that your diamond is coming from the right people and the right place.

Our Diamonds

Not only do we carry every diamond shape and size combination imaginable, but we also give back to our diamond community.

Every diamond purchased from MJ Christensen helps support underdeveloped communities through education and opportunity. We believe that giving back to nations where diamonds are a national resource is our obligation as leaders in the jewelry industry.

We also believe that your diamond should be something you cherish for generations to come. Using our diamond experts and our diamond search builder we can customize the perfect diamond ring, diamond necklace, diamond bracelet and anything else your heart desires. We can also work with you in person to create the jewelry piece of your dreams.

Our unique styles, our dedicated staff, and our company values distinguish MJ Christensen from the competition and make it the number one destination for all your diamond needs.

Searching for the perfect diamond is just as difficult as searching for the perfect jeweler. Thankfully, MJ Christensen has the most exclusive diamonds in Las Vegas and we also have our team of diamond experts - so with MJ Christensen, you get both wants in one place!

Experience our expertise, browse our inventory of diamonds, and meet our fantastic staff today at MJ Christensen Diamonds. Book an appointment today or walk on in and say “Hi”. We can’t wait to meet you and guide you through the diamond buying process!

We hope to see you soon!

January 24, 2020