What’s the oldest thing you own? Maybe it’s a family heirloom, such as priceless jewelry. You cherish this piece because it carries the weight of family memories with it. If your treasure radiates with diamonds, it’s even older than you could ever imagine. After all, diamonds are more ancient than human civilization and more than a few are even older than some stars in the sky.

At MJ Christensen, we’re crazy about this luminous stone. That’s why we’re having a Million Dollar Diamond Event where you can shop over 2 million dollars of diamond inventory at historically low prices. We offer diamonds of every shape and size imaginable so you can find the perfect stone. In fact, we’re so enamored of diamonds that we can’t help but share with you some of the gem’s rich and compelling history. Let’s step back through time and have a look at the dazzling diamond’s extraordinary story.

From Earth to the Throne

The oldest natural diamonds were created more than three billion years ago. They were formed deep beneath the earth’s crust by forces of extreme heat and pressure. Afterwards, they were thrust towards the surface by volcanic activity.

The diamond was first mined in India over 3,000 years ago. The Hindus called it “vajra” or “thunderbolt”, because they believed the stunning gems were created when lightning struck stone. Through trade, diamonds made their way into the wider world. In ancient Greece, they were thought to be splinters from fallen stars or tears of the gods. Later, Roman soldiers would wear the gemstone into battle, thinking it would protect them. During the Middle Ages in Europe, diamonds were “the miracle stone” and could cure everything from stomach aches to mental illnesses. Eventually, diamonds became so rare in Europe they were worn only by society’s most elite. In 13th century France, Louis IX conveniently established a law reserving diamonds only for the king.

A Symbol of Everlasting Love

Fast forward to modern day, diamonds adorn engagement rings and wedding bands, representing eternal love and devotion. This association first started in 1477 with the Archduke Maximillian of Austria. He was head over heels for Mary of Burgundy and commissioned the first diamond engagement ring for her. This tradition continues into the present. However, it didn’t really take off until 1948, when a copywriter named Frances Gerety created the phrase “A Diamond is Forever”. This slogan made diamond engagement rings so popular that now more than 80% of American brides receive a diamond engagement ring.

A Million Dollar Diamond Event

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March 15, 2022