“Diamonds are a girl's best friend.”

“Diamonds are forever.”

Even just saying the word diamonds brings inspiration and awe to us all.

Diamonds have qualities that make them so valuable. Qualities like longevity, durability, and clarity, all while continuing to be symbolic. Purity, innocence, love, and fidelity are just a few words associated with a diamond. So, why would you ever buy one from just anywhere? Yes, all diamonds are valuable, but their beauty won't stand out at its full potential without proper care.

MJ Christensen Diamonds has been the jewelry company of choice for over 80 years. With a unique diamond selection, there is no doubt that there has been great care put into picking the right diamonds to present to our amazing guests. There is a style for any bride or fashionista who wants to dazzle. From a classic round diamond to a modern emerald diamond shape, we make sure our brides shine in each and every ring design.

With collections like Tycoon, Shy Creation, Hearts On Fire, and even our own MJ Signature Collection, we not only provide you with diamonds to enjoy but also ways to wear them that suit your preference and style. Where other places seem to limit your shopping experience with only a small selection of designers, we want to make sure that there is something here for everybody that walks through our door.

However, the reason to come to us for diamonds doesn't end with the fantastic selection; it goes back to the people. We love being a part of the Las Vegas community and seeing the amazing guests that have gone through tough times but always get back up again. The relationships we have with our community and our lifelong guests give us pride and a sense of purpose. Our values push us to create an engaging environment of mutual trust and appreciation. By providing the finest selection of responsibly sourced diamonds, we make a shopping experience that you want to keep coming back to.

Shopping with MJ Christensen means becoming a part of our team inside the greater Las Vegas area. As a local family-owned business, we understand the purpose of giving back. Even though this is our home, we don't limit ourselves just to our fantastic community. All our diamond supply chain members share the responsibility of giving back to the nations where these beautiful diamonds are mined.

So, as we continue to open our doors for love birds and fashion icons, we have to ask ourselves the same question that you do before buying a diamond - why is MJ Christensen the best place to buy diamonds? We encourage you to ask any team member. We know that the answer will vary from our impressive selection of diamonds to our range of luxury jewelry designers to our love for helping people find the perfect item to celebrate life's special moments.

Our lifelong commitment is to you, our guest. Want to learn more about our Las Vegas diamonds? Contact MJ Christensen today to get started on your hunt for the perfect diamond.

September 08, 2020