There are many reasons why you might need to sell your gold. It could be that you need some extra cash, or that you genuinely want to get rid of something that you no longer need.

You may need to sell your gold to help with the tough financial circumstances that have happened as a result of the times. What many of us forget is that gold is an investment.

With things still being uncertain, many states have slowly started to reopen, and MJ Christensen has made the decision to reopen our doors. Have you been considering selling your extra gold found during quarantine? Whether you were cleaning up the house, or just happened to find some pieces in your jewelry box, you may have stumbled across some hidden gems.

The Internet has made it very easy to shop and sell goods; from Craigslist to eBay, and everything in between, you have plenty of options to sell your jewelry. You can even sell your pieces on social media platforms; however, these options may not be the best course of action or the biggest bang for your buck. Here’s why you should sell your gold to our jewelry store in Las Vegas:

Gold Prices Change Overtime

Although gold never loses complete value, it does change over time. The value of your gold may have gone up significantly since the initial purchase. An experienced jeweler understands and knows this. Unfortunately, you never truly know who you may be selling to online. You may be sending your gold to be appraised by someone who doesn’t monitor the gold market, or who doesn't know what changes to look for.

Thankfully, MJ Christensen Diamonds has been in the business of not only selling amazing jewelry but also gold buying for over 80 years. There is always a need to keep a finger on the pulse of the gold market, and to make sure that we always offer top dollar for your gold.

Be Wary of Sending in Your Gold

In order to receive a proper estimate, your gold needs to be in the hands of an appraiser. If you do this online, then you most likely need to ship your gold. However, you need to be wary of who you are sending your jewelry to. They may be reputable and trustworthy sites; or, they may be dishonest people who plot to steal or undervalue your treasures.

We like to believe that everyone has good intentions, but know that not everyone does trustworthy business like our team at MJ Christensen Diamonds. There have been far too many reports of people sending in their gold and then never hearing back whether the online store accepted the offer or not. When you come to your local jeweler in Las Vegas, we ensure an honest and safe appraisal.

You never have to go far after you give us your gold; just take a moment to browse our jewelry store, and before you know it, you’ll have an offer. It’s really that simple!

Think About the Low Offers

Usually, those who decide to sell their gold don’t deal with gold on regular a basis. You may not know if you are getting a good deal or not.

Not all places will low-ball you, but pawn shops and online stores aren’t known for giving you the best price for your gold. MJ Christensen is so confident in our ability to provide you the best offer for your treasure, that if you somehow find a better one, we will give you an MJ Christensen gift card worth $100! You can’t beat that kind of confidence!

We all go through tough times, and some of us may be preparing for the worst. With our team of gold buying experts, selling your gold is a smooth process.

There is more than just monetary value tied to your jewelry; there is also emotional value. What others may see as just an investment or a random gift could also be a beautiful and sentimental memory to you. We are here to ensure your jewelry appraisal holds both the proper monetary and emotional value, every step of the way.

Now is the time to sell your gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds for cash!

Contact MJ Christensen Diamonds for more information on how you can sell your gold for the most value possible. Visit us in-store and let us give you an offer for your old, unused jewelry items today! Walk-ins and private appointments are welcome! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Cliff buys gold

June 19, 2020