About Us

For over 80 years, we’ve shared a passion for extraordinary jewelry and timepieces with our Las Vegas community. Since the beginning, our team has been proud to provide an incredible in-store experience and high-level service. Today, we’re honored to mark life’s most significant moments with both new customers and families who’ve been with us for decades. Our legacy all started with our founder, Marcus Joy Christensen. Learn about our history and the values that still define the MJ Christensen experience.


In 1927, Marcus Joy Christensen was hired as a railroad watch inspector for Union Pacific Railway in Las Vegas. At this job, he ensured accuracy using a railroad grade pocket watch. Every single day, he depended on this intricate mechanism to guarantee that operations of trains were safe and precise. It was during this time that his love for fine timepieces and jewelry began. 

On April 18, 1939, Marcus opened MJ Christensen, a small jewelry business on the corner of First and Fremont. Over the years, this small business rose in popularity. As it grew, a range of customers, from movie stars to Las Vegas locals, often frequented the store. With these shifts, one thing remained constant. Marcus never strayed from his unquestioned ethics and integrity. As the location and ownership changed through the decades, Marcus' original passion and values continued to shine bright into the present. Today, MJ Christensen has built a reputation for providing the most luxurious jewelry and top-tier care to the Las Vegas community.

Values and Commitment

Every day, we’re guided by a set of core values that have been honored for nearly a century.

At MJ Christensen, we’re committed to:

• Building Lifelong Relationship With Customers

• Giving Back to the Local Community

• Creating an Environment With Mutual Trust

• Sharing Industry Information and Ongoing Efforts

• Providing the Finest Selection of Responsibly Sourced Diamonds

• Adhering to the Values of the American Gem Society

• Promoting Social Good Around the World