Celebrate everlasting moments and relationships with Linked by MJ, our permanent jewelry line. We offer a refined collection of 14K gold chain bracelets, from the stunning Valentino to the gorgeous Diamond Cut Paperclip chain. Each claspless bracelet can be welded to your wrist by a specially trained MJ Christiansen associate. During this completely painless process, you’ll be left with an incredible treasure that will last a lifetime.

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A Remarkable


14K Yellow Gold

1.80mm Open Diamond Cut Cable Chain

$45/Per Inch

14K Yellow Gold

1.95mm Open Curb Chain

$30/Per inch

14K Yellow Gold

2.70mm Valentino Chain

$30/Per inch

14K Yellow Gold

1.95mm Diamond Cut Paperclip Chain

$28/Per inch

14K WHITE Gold

1.95mm OPEN CURB Chain

$30/Per inch