Getting to Know Gold

Gold has always been considered a valuable possession, thanks to its rarity and luster. Its role in shaping human history cannot be ignored either. From being a symbol of wealth and power in ancient times to the present-day investment opportunities, gold has served multiple purposes. In this blog, we will take a closer look at gold and its types, with a focus on gold jewelry. We will also talk about MJ Christensen’s process of buying gold and why we stand out from the rest.

A Golden History

Gold has a rich and fascinating history. It's believed to be one of the earliest metals discovered and used by humans, dating back to 4,000 BCE. The ancient Egyptians used gold to decorate their mummies' masks and tombs, while the Greeks and Romans used gold to craft beautiful jewelry. During the Middle Ages, gold was also used to create religious icons. As time passed, gold became more accessible, and people began using the precious metal for more everyday objects like coins and decor for homes.

Types of Gold

Gold comes in different types, including yellow, white, and rose gold. Pure gold is too soft to be used for jewelry, so it is often mixed with other metals to increase its durability. Yellow gold is the most traditional type of gold used in jewelry. It is mixed with other metals like copper and silver to make it tougher and more resistant to scratches. White gold is made by mixing pure gold with nickel, zinc, and other white metals. It is often plated with rhodium to give it a bright, shiny finish. Rose gold, also known as pink gold, adds copper to the gold alloy to give it its distinct pink color.

MJ Christensen’s Gold Standard

At MJ Christensen, we buy gold from customers who no longer want or need their gold jewelry. We perform a careful evaluation and assessment of the jewelry to determine its weight and quality. We then offer a fair and competitive price based on the current market value of gold. Our experts have years of experience in the industry and use the latest technology to ensure that we are providing the most accurate pricing. We’re so confident in our services that if our offer is beat, we’ll give you a $100 gift card! Contact us today to get started. 

Buy (and Sell) Your Gold at MJ Christensen

Gold jewelry has been worn by people for centuries and is still highly valued today. It is important to understand the types of gold available and their properties when shopping for jewelry. At MJ Christensen, we take pride in our gold buying process and offer a fair and transparent evaluation of your gold jewelry. Whether you're looking to buy or sell gold jewelry, we are here to assist you. 

June 07, 2023