Gemstone Guide

Gemstones fill our lives with a rainbow of vibrant colors. Each shines bright with unique attributes and a story of its own. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to your wardrobe or give the gift of birthstone jewelry, we have dazzling gemstones for every style. Explore the variables that go into our radiant collections below. 



Garnet - January Birthstone | Mozambique | Ruby - July Birthstone


Pink Sapphire | Rhodolite Garnet 


Sapphire | Citrine - November Birthstone


Emerald - May Birthstone | Bloodstone | Jade | Peridot - August Birthstone


Blue Sapphire - September Birthstone | Aquamarine - March Birthstone | Blue Chalcedony | Blue Spinel | Blue Zircon - December Birthstone | Lapis


Amethyst - February Birthstone | Tanzanite


Pearl - June Birthstone | White Spinel | White Topaz | Moissanite | Opal - October Birthstone | Diamond - April Birthstone


Smoky Quartz


Tahitian Pearl | Onyx


Gems are cut in a variety of different ways. Oftentimes, transparent stones are cut with facets to maximize the color, except when it comes to diamonds. Stones like jade, opal and onyx may have a smooth, domed shape known as a cabochon. Other stones, like cameos, are intricately carved. 


When it comes to showcasing the beauty of a gemstone, clarity is key. This factor refers to the imperfections found in gemstones, otherwise known as internal inclusions and external blemishes. Some stones, such as aquamarine and citrine, have minimal inclusions. However, gemstones, like emeralds and rubies, tend to have more. In certain stones, the presence of inclusion can actually increase the value because they may enhance the color or add unique characteristics. 


Another variable that goes into the value of a gemstone is carat weight. Since 1907, the universal standard one carat has been exactly 200 milligrams or about the weight of a single paperclip. Typically, gemstones that have a higher weight are more rare and therefore higher in value. However, if you’re comparing gemstones composed of different materials, there will be differences in carat weight even if the gemstones are the same size.