For over 80 years, MJ Christensen has been the jewelry company of choice in the Las Vegas area. An expansive diamond selection is made between our designers to cater to styles of all walks of life. But what happens when something goes out of style or if you were given a gift that you wish they didn’t? When you have jewelry tucked away in your house taking up space, you can do something about it! Don’t just regift it, unless you are into that kind of thing, sell it! We have created an engaging environment of mutual trust and appreciation for both staff and guests, so there is no need for you to look further where to sell.

Here at MJ Christensen, we have been paying the highest price for your gold, platinum and even diamonds for again over 80 YEARS! But This June 9th and the 10th, we are ready to give you even more. When you take in-store credit or an MJ Christensen gift card, you will get 30% more! And remember when we said that we already offer top dollar for your jewelry? Well, if someone just so happens to beat our offer, we will give you a $100 MJ Christensen gift card. Even if you don’t want the store credit, we are still ready to make you an offer. The point we are trying to make is that there is no need to hoard broken or unwanted jewelry around the house when you can get a pocket full of cash.

When looking at this outstanding in-store gift card option, you have to realize that we have so much to offer! We haven’t been around for so long for nothing. Put that offer towards a new accessory for you or a loved one. Like this MJ Signature Collection Bracelet. Stunning and elegantly designed for everyday wear.

MJ Signature Collection Bracelet

You can even apply it towards an engagement ring for that special someone in your life. Just take a look at this Hearts on Fire Camilla Engagement Ring.

Hearts on Fire Camilla Engagement Ring

However, before you come in to sell, take a moment to consider the possibilities that you don’t want to turn in some items. That’s ok! We are here to bring happy tears to your eyes, not sad tears. Some items hold substantial sentimental value or maybe have had historical ties to your family. We all need cash sometimes, and we recommend taking advantage of our amazing service, but we are here throughout the year! So if you aren’t ready now, but you might be, someday we will be here waiting for you. We hold even bigger buying events four to six times throughout the year for gemstones, silverware, jewelry, high end watches, coins, collectibles and so much more.

Walk in or schedule your private appointment to get your gold and diamonds inspected for an offer. While you wait, take a second to look around, and you might find yourself excited to leave with something new on June 9th and the 10th.

June 01, 2021