When you're looking for the perfect diamond, it can be hard to know just where to start. Diamonds come in many shapes and sizes. While any diamond is sure to be special, having an understanding of the four Cs – cut, clarity, carat weight and color – will help ensure that your purchase makes every moment sparkle. At MJ Christensen, we strive for excellence when selecting every loose diamond. That’s why we use the 4C’s, which were established by the Gemological Institute of America, to evaluate every stone we sell. Let’s take you through the basics of the 4C’s so you can find your stunning gem!


The cut affects how well your diamond reflects light, impacting its beauty and sparkle. A well cut diamond allows for the maximum of light to pass through the crown, causing it to shine radiantly. Whereas a poorly cut diamond will have dark spots and look duller.


The clarity of a diamond determines its level of inclusions or minor imperfections. Most diamonds contain some small inclusions that cannot be seen with the naked eye. However, these imperfections can still impact how much light passes through the diamond. Too many inclusions will make a stone appear cloudy.


Carats refer to the diamond’s weight rather than size. Larger diamonds typically cost more per carat than smaller ones because they are rarer finds. However, this does not always mean that bigger is better. A smaller stone can appear larger if it has been expertly cut and polished. So keep this in mind when searching for your perfect diamond.  


Finally, we come to color,  which refers to how much tint is present in a diamond. This ranges from colorless (the highest grade) down through shades of yellow or brown (the lowest grade). Generally speaking, people prefer colorless stones because they are considered more valuable. 

Find Your Ideal Diamond at MJ Christensen Diamonds

Finding the perfect diamond is an exciting process, but can also be daunting. Remembering the 4C's, will help guide you to your ideal stone. All of these factors come together to build the beautiful and unique diamond of your dreams. If you're looking to make a special purchase, turning to experts at MJ Christensen Diamonds can help you get the most value on a loose diamond. Visit us today at 8980 W. Charleston Blvd in Las Vegas or reach out with any questions. We look forward to serving you.
March 06, 2023