During the summer, the sun shines longer throughout the day. As this daylight grows, you may feel energized to do things that you’ve set aside… like cleaning out your jewelry box! Whether it’s filled to the brim or looks like a tangled nest, now’s the perfect time to go through your collection. You may even find items that you forgot about. After all, there’s nothing better than discovering buried treasure.

The Value of Your Treasures

Right now, your gold and diamonds are likely more valuable than when they were first purchased. When you’re getting ready to sell your pieces, you’ll want to make sure that you visit a trusted source. For over 80 years, our appraisers at MJ Christensen have monitored the gold market and helped our customers find out the worth of their precious pieces. We not only take into consideration the physical quality of your pieces, but also the sentimental and emotional connections you may have. Best of all, we’re able to provide peace of mind knowing that you’ll receive the best offer for your jewelry. That’s right… If someone beats our offer, you’ll receive a $100 gift card!

Turn Your Gold Into Green

Whether you were gifted something that doesn't match your style or own pieces that haven’t been touched in years, now’s the perfect time to sell your unused gold, platinum and diamonds. Join us August 24th & 25th for our massive Gold Buying Event. During this two-day affair, we’ll be offering the highest prices on your unused pieces. Plus, if you’d like to trade your jewelry in for store credit, we’ll give you 30% more. Clearly this is an event you won’t want to miss. So, stop by our store on 8980 W. Charleston Blvd in Las Vegas. We can’t wait to see you there!

August 01, 2022