It’s the time of the year when our mindset begins to refocus.

After a year like 2020, we must adjust to our new normal while also getting back on track. At the start of the new year, we always aim to put our New Year’s Resolutions at the forefront of our to-dos.

Your New Year’s Resolution could include shedding those quarantine pounds, picking up a new hobby, or even just following suit with the professional organizing craze and cleaning out the clutter in your home.

At MJ Christensen Diamonds, we have everything you need to at least knock one thing off your long New Year’s list - and that includes finally pulling the trigger and getting your favorite pieces repaired.

How long has that incredible pearl heirloom necklace been sitting at the back of your jewelry box? How many times have you collected your broken jewelry and planned on getting it fixed, only to get distracted by another task? And why would you trust MJ Christensen Diamonds with your jewelry repairs?

Our jewelry store in Las Vegas is the best place to repair your jewelry. With over 80 years of jewelry service experience, there is no need to go anywhere else.

Among the jewelry repair services we provide are the following:

  • Ring sizing
  • Jewelry cleaning and polishing
  • Ring shank replacement
  • Stone tightening
  • Stone replacement
  • Prong tightening and re-tipping
  • Soldering
  • Chain shortening or lengthening
  • Chain repairs & clasp replacement
  • Rhodium plating

Our team of expert jewelers has experience in reworking jewelry for a new purpose, such as putting a bracelet charm on a necklace or shortening a necklace to fit your wrist.

Our shop is also equipped with the latest technology so every repair will be expertly done to our meticulous standards.

MJ Christensen Diamonds offers the best solutions for repairing major and minor issues to have your jewelry looking like new again. And who doesn’t want new jewelry for the new year?!

Bring in your jewelry today so we can evaluate your beloved pieces and give you an estimate for any jewelry repairs that may need to be done. We can even have it repaired within a few days - that way, you can have everything you need to shine brightly in the new year.

Just because your jewelry has a broken clasp, missing stone, broken chain link, dent, or scratch doesn’t mean you have to throw it into your jewelry box, never to be seen again. If you have insurance on your jewelry, this service can often be covered. MJ Christensen Diamonds also offers free estimates! Contact us today to fix that cherished piece of jewelry and start the year off good as new!

January 14, 2021