It isn’t just COVID-19 keeping you indoors this holiday season, but also the fear of having to go out shopping.

The holiday season can bring out the stressful side of all of us. Long lines, packed stores, and the possibility of that one item being unavailable; it’s enough to make anyone reconsider shopping in person this holiday season. Thankfully, MJ Christensen Diamonds has the perfect solution for the holidays scaries!

Although we would love to have you stop by and check out all that we have to offer, our online jewelry selection also holds the same items you can see in person.

There is no need to leave the comfort of your home or even to put on jeans - online holiday shopping will allow you to avoid those crowded areas for a little while longer and still help you with your holiday gift list. Browse our jewelry designers to find the perfect gift or something special for yourself for the festivities to come. Maybe purchase a luxury watch for your husband so he can feel empowered at work? Or, consider a Hearts On Fire pendant for your wife to add to her necklace collection. At our jewelry store in Las Vegas, we have luxury jewelry items that will fit any style when you shop with us online!

The holiday season is about gifts, family, and love, which is the perfect time to get down on one knee and pop the big question. Shopping in person for her ideal ring is usually the go-to for many engagement ring shoppers, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start the engagement ring shopping process online.

Channel, bezel, and pave probably sound like another language when you aren’t a part of the jewelry industry. You can give us a call as you browse through different ring styles and engagement ring designers.

Ask us questions like what each term means and what type would best suit your bride-to-be depending on her everyday style. Once you have all your high-level questions answered, you can dive deeper into the world of engagement rings. Shopping for a diamond online is effortless with the help of our jewelry experts. With over 32,000 diamonds to explore online, you can filter by shape, price, and the 4C’s to gauge what might be in your price range. Think about how easy ring shopping can be when you can set an appointment and showcase everything you have found online!

Take the stress out of the holidays and focus on what matters most - family, friends, and lots of love. This should be the only thing on your mind as the season comes into full effect. Shopping online can help. With easy-to-use navigation, jewelry designers, and engagement ring styles all at your fingertips, take your time on your holiday shopping journey. Once you are ready to check out, you can schedule a curbside pickup or delivery to avoid the lines. Even if you would like to come in store to review all your potential purchases with an appointment, we can have you in and out in no time.

Shop with MJ Christensen Diamonds and eliminate your holiday stress! We look forward to helping you stuff your stockings this year. We’re here to help you start shopping for your dream jewelry piece online now!

October 27, 2020