Engagement rings are a very personal purchase. It is the ring used in asking a very big question of someone about the rest of their lives. Because of that, it is important to purchase a ring that suits the style of the wearer. Pear-shaped diamonds have grown in popularity on social media becoming somewhat of an unexpected engagement ring comeback. A little less mainstream than traditional picks like a cushion and round cut diamonds there is a lot to say about those that prefer this style of engagement ring.

Also known as the teardrop diamond because of it representing tears of joy this style suits an otherworldly romantic. Women who choose to wear pear-shaped diamonds are said to be strong individuals because of their uncommon shape. However, in the end, pear diamonds are a beautiful and classic stone as well as a great choice for those looking for something a little different.

Other than its meaning there are other aspects that make this shaped diamond alluring. A pear diamond can be 27% less expensive than a round brilliant diamond while still sparkling nearly as well as other brilliant shapes. Even though they are usually less expensive their shape has them appearing larger than other shapes at the same carat weight because they have more ‘spread’. It also helps that it is a very flattering shape, making your fingers appear longer and more elegant. Perfect if your bride has small hands or shorter fingers.

In the end, it is all about what your love but buying a ring that suits her style gives you more brownie points and that doesn’t hurt either.

October 27, 2020