Come visit us at MJ Christensen Diamondsin Las Vegas, Nevada for our Live in Color two day gemstone jewelry event!

Join us on Friday & Saturday, September 20th & 21st, where you’ll receive up to 50% OFF on select gemstone fashion from Royal and our brand new Roman and Jules collection. Browse some of our precious and semi-precious gemstones to customize a piece that you’ll love and cherish forever. If you can’t find something you like, we can get you any gemstone within 24 - 48 hours.

Maybe the classic ring or the timeless diamond will do, or maybe ruby rings as red as when her cheeks flush for you. We have sapphire rings as blue as the ocean and her eyes, and emerald gems so green the Wizard of Oz couldn’t deny.

Perhaps the most popular and widely known gemstone is the precious diamond. Frequently used in engagement rings and wedding bands, diamonds are often associated with the final commitment and promise from the minute you say “I do.” The classic diamond is the hardest material on earth, is timeless, and maintains superior shine. As the saying goes, “diamonds are a girl’s best friend”.

In Sanskrit, ruby is ratnaraj, and means king of the gems. This July birthstone is often used for 15th and 40th anniversaries and is loved for its deep red color. Rubies are associated with love and passion and were thought to be the gem of life that symbolized the blood flowing through the veins of those in civilizations who treasured this gem.

The sapphire is the September birthstone. If September happens to be your partner’s birthday month or is your anniversary month, make September special with a sapphire piece. This gem is also commonly used to celebrate 5th and 45th anniversaries. The vivid blue of sapphire makes it regal and considered a symbol of strength and wisdom. They are perfect to match the strength and wisdom of any relationship.

Often considered but not limited to being a spring gemstone, this gemstone is the May birthstone and is used for 20th & 35th anniversaries. Loved for its stunning green color, this gemstone ranges in color from blue-green to pure green. Green is also a color said to soothe the mind and relieve stress.

Now that we’ve told you a bit about four of many different gemstones, visit us for yourself to learn more and create a piece that you’ll love and wear forever.

September 10, 2019