Did you know bridal season is just around the corner? Here at MJ Christensen Diamonds in Las Vegas, Nevada, we’re saying, “Tis the season!”

We want to make sure that you get your partner the diamond engagement ring or diamond wedding band of their dreams. Our very own Cliff Miller, otherwise known around here as the Ace of Diamonds, guarantees that you won’t be able to beat what he’s offering on price and quality of diamonds or gems for your special engagement ring or wedding band.

The best part? We're hosting a bash of the bands... wedding bands, that is! Join us October 24-31 for our wedding band bash. This is the perfect opportunity to shop smart this bridal season.

We know shopping for engagement rings and wedding bands can appear daunting; so we have put together the perfect guide to luxury bridal jewelry. Here is everything we have to offer at MJ Christensen Diamonds...and then some!

Luxury Jewelry Designers

We offer quite a few designers when it comes to luxury bridal jewelry. For both engagement rings and wedding bands, we have Hearts on Fire, S. Kashi & Sons, Tycoon, Jewelry Designer Showcase, and Michael M. We also have Roman & Jules, and Lashbrook Designs when it comes to wedding bands.

Ring Styles

We offer a plethora of different styles such as solitaire rings, three-stone rings, vintage rings, gemstone rings and more when it comes to diamond ring settings. As for the material of the ring, we do not disappoint when it comes to this.

We have rose & white gold rings, white gold rings, yellow gold rings, rose gold rings, platinum rings, two-tone yellow & rose gold rings, two-tone gold rings, white & yellow gold rings, and palladium rings...just to name a few! That sounds like a lot...and that’s because it is! But we want to make sure we get it right for you and your partner on your special day.

Loose Diamonds

Now here’s what’s really fun about what we do: loose diamonds and loose gems to complete the ring of your partner’s dreams. We’d say we’re experts in this department, especially since Cliff, the Ace of Diamonds, is on our side ensuring you get the best diamonds in Las Vegas, NV.

The Four “C’s”

You may be wondering how we know we’re giving you the best of the best when it comes to loose diamonds. Let’s take a moment to review the four c’s of diamonds and gemstones.

The first “C” stands for the cut of a diamond. The diamond cut or gemstone cut determines its shape, and therefore, the brilliance of the diamond and how well it will shine when hitting light. Different diamond cut styles such as round rings, princess cut rings, pear shaped rings, oval cut rings, and radiant rings, are just a few of many more.

The next “C” refers to the color of the diamond. Diamonds range in color from being completely transparent or colorless to having a more yellow tint on the color scale. When it comes to gemstones, the primary pure color is what is assessed rather than the tint of a colorless stone.

Now we have the “C” of diamond or gemstone carats. A carat is not the size of a diamond or gemstone, but the weight of it. One carat equals roughly 0.2 grams, which is almost equivalent to the weight of a paperclip.

Finally, our last “C” stands for clarity. Clarity is determined by the number of imperfections or inclusions in a diamond or gemstone. Although it’s impossible to notice such imperfections without the help of a magnifying glass, such imperfections can distort the appearance and brilliance of the diamond or gem. Now that you’re an expert on the four c’s, you can begin the search for the perfect diamond or gemstone engagement ring or wedding band.

Speaking of wedding bands...we invite you to join us to save BIG on your wedding bands during our Anniversary Wedding Band Bash starting October 24 to October 31. Save big on buy one, get one 50% OFF Wedding Bands or 20% OFF Select Wedding Bands. You’re bound to find the wedding band of your dreams that you will love (and maybe your wallet will love more!)

Here at MJ Christensen Diamonds in Las Vegas, Nevada, we pride ourselves on helping our customers find satisfactory products that can be loved and last a lifetime. With bridal season coming up soon, we want to make sure that you feel confident in the process of what we can do for you. Our Ace of Diamonds, Cliff, is standing by so that when you visit us soon, we’re ready to find you the perfect ring for that “yes” or “I do”.

October 16, 2019