Diamonds are an emblem of purity and perfection, bringing you a sense of brilliance with their natural beauty.

When you find yourself in the market for diamonds and other fine jewelry, we understand that it takes time. For over 80 years, MJ Christensen has been the jewelry store of choice in the Las Vegas area because of our stunning diamond selection and our fabulous dedication to you.

However, these unprecedented times have made it a challenge to be there for our guests as we have joined together to flatten the curve. Now, we are looking to you to help empty our inventory! Vendors have been hurt with the current pandemic, which means that we need you. We need to sell fast, and that means that you get to score a fantastic deal!

Enjoy half off half the store Friday, August 14th, and Saturday, August 15th. Save big this summer and treat yourself or surprise a loved one with something beautiful.

Take a look at our vast jewelry selection and stay up to date on the latest 2020 trends and styles:

Diamond Rings

Pave-set diamonds add an impressive amount of sparkle to any outfit. No matter the trend, diamonds will always stand out.

Diamond rings don’t only have to be given as a form of engagement; you can always provide the star in your life a delicate, colored star ring.

Colored star ring


Memories can live in more than just your heart. Heather B. Moore brings different memories to life in the form of charms! Every occasion celebrated with a distinct charm can become a new tradition for you and a loved one.

This Ornate Compass Round Charm will be a constant reminder that you can always find home with the people you love.

Heather b moore charm


It’s all in the wrist! A beautiful bangle with a delicate design will serve as a perfect light touch to any outfit. Whether you are looking for a little bit of sparkle for a lunch date or want to bring some fire to your next evening out, Roman & Jules has precisely what you are looking for.

This Roman & Jules white gold bangle glitters in the light and gives an illusion of wearing more than one bracelet without ringing like a bell while you walk.

Roman and jules white gold bangle

Chain Link Necklaces

Are you looking for a staple piece? You can never go wrong with a chain link necklace or pendant that you can layer like this beautiful Roman & Jules necklace for your everyday style.

Roman and jules necklace

With everything going on in our communities and around the world, it can be hard to find time to think about ourselves. However, you’ve been through a lot, and you deserve to rock a new piece of jewelry that makes you feel like a million bucks. Whether it’s at a socially distanced dinner party or your kitchen table, you’re bound to glimmer and shine.

MJ Christensen Diamonds is always looking for new pieces to withstand the test of time, even as we embrace new trends. Shop these gorgeous designs from August 14th through the 15th and upgrade your jewelry box with our jewelry store in Las Vegas. Shopping with MJ Christensen helps to empty our inventory, and right now, we need you.

Browse our elegant collections and explore the finest selection of responsibly sourced diamonds to see how much half off can save you. Remember, we need to sell fast, so hurry in before we sell your favorite piece!

August 10, 2020